Highland Titles

Glencoe title card

To whom it may concern: "Lord James Gregory Rendell is the owner of an estate in Appin Scotland and is entitled to assume and use the title and style of Lord of Glencoe" For more info: http://www.highlandtitles.com/

Lord of Glencoe

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James, Lord of Glencoe is a photojournalist with a Grad. Dip. of Communications in Photomedia. (ECU: 2001) Lord James' also has a B.A. in English & Religious Studies, (ECU: 1992) & a Post-Grad-Dip. of Health Promotion. (Curtin: 1993)

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CADT Photography creates quality images at Private and Public Events. The personal photography services of CADT Photography are designed to meet the needs and budgets of Individuals, Families and Community Groups.

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